Valentine 's Day SMS Part - 8| Love SMS Collection | Mobile SMS Collection

• If u Love sumone then add some wings
 to ur Love. After having wings if it still
 decide to stay with u, then it's a True Luv

• If you want the rainbow, you gotta put
  up with the rain; in order to love you
  gotta risk the pain

• A lady is a woman who makes a man
  behave like a gentleman. Thanks for
  being such a lady to me

• Love is missing someone whenever
  you're apart, but somehow feeling warm
  inside because you're close in heart. -Kay Knudsen

• Love is not how long u've been together;
  not how much u've given or receive; Not how
  many times u've helped each other –
  It’s how u value each other

• We've known each other,
  For a long long time,
  But I never really noticed,
  All the magic in your eyes,
  I've been around you,
A thousand times before,
And you've always been a friend to me,
But now I'm wanting more

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