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Vaagai Sooda Vaa Movie Review:

After Kalavani, director Sargunam and Vimal have come together for Vaagai Sooda Vaa. A movie with a message, it is set in the 1960s. With seasones campaingners like K Bhagyaraj, Ponvannan and Thambi Ramaiah around, Sargunam has delivered a movie that is good and enjoyable.

Produced by S Muruganandhan and Poorna, the film is different from regular main stream masalas. It talks about educating the poor and under-privileged children, however going not too much preachy.

Set in a remote village near Pudukottai, the movie features Veluthambi (Vimal), son of Annamalai (K Bhagyaraj). His father wants him to take up a government job. To prepare him for it, Annamalai advices his son to go to a village and help educate children working in a bricklin as part of social service.

Things change Velu’s life when he reaches the village. He gets attracted by the innocent ways of lives the people lead there. The young children there are forced to work in bricklin and education is deprived to them. Steps in Veluthambi with a mission to educate the young minds.

In the meantime, he comes across Madhi (Iniya) and romance blossoms. And there areprotests for his dreams to educate children from local landlord. How all ends well is the crux of the film.

Vimal delivers goods. He plays a little serious role in Vaagai Sooda Vaa, which he does with ease. The young Iniya is impressive. Her spontaneous emotions and expressions hold good for the film.

K Bhagyaraj as usual leaves his presence with his performance while the likes of Thambi Ramiah, Ponnvannan and Thennavan excel. Watch out for a group of young kids in the film.

Gibran’s music and Omprakash’s cinematography add strength. Seenu’s art takes us to the 1960s. Costumes by Natraj have been created after thorough research. They are apt for the script. On the whole, Vaagai Sooda Vaa is the one for those who love quality products from Kollywood.

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